May 19, 2022

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Brady Lee’s son signed with AEW

Brady Lee's son signed with AEW

Photo credit: Amanda Huber

In recent testimonies about Brady Lee, we learn that his son loves wrestling, moreover, he is behind the scenes during the recording of AEW Dynamite under the guise of the Dark Order.

Today, Brady Lee Jr. signed his first contract with a wrestling company and it was AEW! True, commentator Tony Schiavone unveiled the news on the occasion of the podcast “What Happened When” and explained that the eight-year-old had signed a real deal and would start listing when he was ready. . He says:

They brought little Brady to TV shows and wrestling was his life. He is eight years old. He’s a really good guy. They made him a member of the Dark Order, they masked him and he came with a cando stick in the ring. He hit a lot, after it was a TV recording that had no audience. They signed him, they really signed him and he will be with AEW when he grows old. They take care of him and he follows those behind the scenes, he is our family. ” ‘

Schiavone says his mother Amanda is on course and at times, she is so tired that Brady Lee Jr. wants to attend the show until two in the morning, when AEW Dark’s recording is over. Brady Lee Jr. officially became the youngest AEW World Champion (for those who missed the story, click here) and the youngest AEW wrestler by contract. We can assume that he will have his debut in ten years when he turns 18.

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