November 27, 2022

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World Junior Championship | Canada is preparing to face the checks

World Junior Championship |  Canada is preparing to face the checks

Canada finished first in Group A at the World Junior Hockey Championships and did a good job of winning a useful match in the quarterfinals.

Donna Spencer
The Canadian Press

Head coach Andrei Tourigni said the Czech Republic, which finished fourth in the playoffs in Group B, will not be looking to face Canada on Saturday.

“We have to be humble,” Turigni said Friday.

The tournament semi-finals will be held on Monday and the final on Tuesday.

The rest of the quarterfinals include Russia and Germany, Sweden and Finland, as well as the United States and Slovakia.

Canada was knocked out of the tournament in the quarterfinals in Vancouver two years ago, eventually losing 2-1 in overtime to Champions Finland.

Canada (4-0) were widely favored over the Czech Republic (2-2), but the Czechs outscored Russia 2-0 in the preliminary round and Turigni said they were playing well with more strength.

“They helped us by defeating the Russians and showing us how good they are,” Turigni said. We will not take them lightly. ”

Canada ends Saturday with 12 forwards.

Alex Newhook appeared to have a shoulder injury in the first period of Thursday night’s 4-1 win over Finland and did not skate on Friday. Tourigni’s chances of playing against the Checks were estimated at “50-50”.

“If there was a match today, he would not be playing,” he said.

Connor issued to start the tournament on the 13thE Ahead from Canada, Newhook should have had more snow time if not in uniform.

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Canada’s speed on offense – the 14 forwards selected were selected in the first round of the NHL Draft – and its good forward strengths.

Since Group A is easier than Group B, Canada did not take the measure of its game well before taking over Finland.

The Finns have the potential to compete with Canada in all three zones, but Tourigni’s men did not allow them, and Puck was in possession.

Canadian opponents have not yet shot early goaltender Devon Levy at least 20 times.

“It’s a tough situation when you’ve had a lot of shots for a long time and you’ve had a chance to score. When you have a difference. He’s done a very good job for us so far,” Turigni observed.

The Czech Republic has not won a medal since the bronze medal they won in 2005 at this tournament. They have not received top honors in Moscow since 2001.

The nine Czech players who lost 5-0 to Sweden in last year’s quarterfinals are back this year.

Photo archives by Jason Fransen, Canadian Press

Czech goalkeeper Lucas Parik (1)

Defender Michael Crutil, who has been suspended, will return to action on Saturday.

The Czech Republic shared duties on goal in the prelims, between Los Angeles Kings prospect Lucas Parik and second year goaltender Nick Malik.

Parrik also stopped 30 puck in the shutout victory over Russia.

Note to readers: Corrected version. The winning teams in the semi-finals are reclassified in the order of points.