May 22, 2022

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A federal judge has dismissed a Republican appeal against Pence

Mike Pence parle assis derrière un bureau lors d'un débat.

A U.S. federal judge on Friday rejected a request by a Republican congressman to allow Vice President Mike Pence to challenge the Electoral College vote in favor of Joe Biden at a congressional hearing on Friday. In January, the Democrats called for a victory over Donald Trump.

The decision was handed down by Donald Trump-appointed Magistrate Jeremy Kernodley, who defeated one of the latest attempts by the Republican camp to overturn the November 3 presidential ballot result.

Donald Trump spokesman Mike Pence referred to a request to comment on the services. The latter declined to comment.

Donald Trump refused to accept his defeat and his camp failed several legal actions Invalid attempt Ballot result.

Electoral College nominates President Joe Biden by 306 votes to 232 for Donald Trump. Therefore, the Democratic candidate must be sworn in and officially take office on January 20.

However, some Republicans want to question the vote results Great voters In the Wednesday session.

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