May 23, 2022

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A group of Republican senators refused to confirm Biden’s victory

A group of Republican senators refused to confirm Biden's victory

Eleven Republican-elected officials in the U.S. Senate announced Saturday they oppose congressional confirmation of the outcome of the presidential election, a last-ditch effort to challenge the way Joe Biden wanted victory. Donald Trump.

So far, a senator Josh Haley on Wednesday expressed his intention to challenge the Democrat election in a confirmation event scheduled for Jan. 6. The last-ditch effort comes after Donald Trump supporters repeatedly failed in court to validate election results in several key states where Joe Biden won.

Eleven members elected to the upper house said in a statement that Congress should immediately appoint an “election commission” with full authority to investigate “possible” election frauds, adding that many Republican lawmakers have been echoing allegations that President Trump has repeatedly cheated.

Eleven senators said, “Allegations of fraud and manipulation in the 2020 election go far beyond what we know in our lives.”

“Emergency Audit”

The two candidates asked these elected officials, led by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, to “conduct a ten-day emergency audit of results in the states,” neck and neck. . If the audit does not take place, they announced that “we will vote on January 6 to reject the voters of the disputed states.”

According to a press release from the senators, the states concerned could then convene extraordinary legislative sessions and revise their election results.

In the United States, the president is elected by indirect universal suffrage. Electoral College defeated Joe Biden by 306 votes on December 14 against Donald Trump by 232 votes, taking 270 votes as president.

In the Senate, Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell acknowledged the success of Joe Biden and called on Republicans to confirm the outcome.

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The House and Senate will meet on Wednesday to verify these results, and the process is usually formal.

But the outgoing president claimed he still won the November 3 election by a large margin and called on his supporters to rally in Washington on Wednesday.

Donald Trump on Saturday posted a list of eleven senators who joined Missouri Senator Josh Haley on Twitter, praising their initiative and repeating himself as a victim of Democrat fraud during the presidential election. “Solid success is an attempt to steal. We can not let that happen!” He wrote.

Trump is counting the debate in Congress to publicly disclose what he believes to be the basis for his fraud allegations. “And after people see the facts, there are still a lot …” he tweeted.

In the Democratic-majority House of Representatives, CNN reported that more than a hundred Republican-elected officials plan to vote against the certification.

Not enough accents

But in the House, as in the Senate, there are not enough votes to make this process a success.

“We are not innocent. We hope all Democrats, if not the majority, and some Republicans will vote more, ”the eleven senators agreed in their press release.

Among Republicans who disagreed with their initiative, Sen. Pat Tommy of Pennsylvania was one of the states to challenge the results in Congress.

“The fundamental and important feature of a democratic republic is the right of the people to choose their leaders,” Tommy said on Twitter.

“Attempts by senators Holly, Cruz and other senators to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in key states such as Pennsylvania will directly undermine this right,” he said.

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The Republican senator from Utah Mitt Romney, who is fiercely hostile to Donald Trump, called his colleagues’ policy “absurd.”

Donald Trump regularly asked elected Republican officials to support him in his crusade to challenge the results of the presidential election.

The campaign failed miserably in the courts where Republicans refused to examine the evidence they had.

A federal lawsuit in the state on Friday dismissed a new lawsuit led by Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert, a federal appeals court that upheld the decision Saturday.

The Louis Gohmert complaint is intended to show that Vice President Mike Pence, who presides over the Jan. 6 meeting of Congress, can declare the results invalid in some controversial states.

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