June 26, 2022

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The Trump and Biden campaign in Georgia is controlled by the Senate

The Trump and Biden campaign in Georgia is controlled by the Senate

(Dalton) Donald Trump and Joe Biden will meet in Georgia on Monday to make a decisive impact on the start of the Democratic presidential term during a crucial double senatorial election to support their candidates.

Elody Cousin with Jerome Cortilier in Washington
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Two months after the presidential election, Donald Trump refused to accept defeat despite votes, new counts and multiple court decisions against him.

In an excellent appeal, revealed Sunday Washington Post, He asked the Georgia election official on Saturday to “find” the ballots needed to reverse his defeat in that key state.

Photo by Alex Edelman, agency France-Press Archives

President-elect Joe Biden will address the Georgian capital Atlanta this afternoon.

Georgia has not elected a Democrat to the Senate for 20 years. If they achieve a double feat, 51-year-old block pastor Rafael Warnock and 33-year-old audiovisual producer Joan Ossoff tip the upper room in their camp, giving Joe Biden all the levers of power.

Determined by the Vice President

With 50 seats each for Republicans and Democrats, future Vice President Kamala Harris will have the power to make decisions between votes, so Republicans with a majority in the Senate will have to buy Democratic standards.

Election signs, candidate buses, door-to-door and election rallies: Two months after the presidential election, Georgia has rediscovered the air of campaigning across the country.

Joe Biden will address the Georgian capital Atlanta in the afternoon.

Donald Trump is expected to make his last major election appearance before leaving the White House on January 20. Dalton is expected to greet Trump as a hero in a rural and traditional ride in northwest Georgia.

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Because there are a lot of “Trump 2020” signs in rural areas. Along with the senators he came to support: former man and businessman Kelly Loffler, 50, and David Perdue, 71.

Trouble in the Republican camp

“Everything will be played out” during Tuesday’s election, Democrat Kamala Harris said at an election rally in Savannah, a major colonial city, campaigning with two candidates.

For Republicans, this means the nation’s future is in jeopardy. “We are a firewall to prevent socialism from coming to America,” Kelly Loughfler told her younger supporters in Cartersville. .

Polls show candidates’ necks and necks: Joan Osaf challenges David Purdue, while Rafael Warnock faces Kelly Loughfler.

On paper, Republicans are favorites in this traditional state. Democrats rely on Joe Biden’s November 3 victory, believed to be the first in Georgia since 1992.

All of these factors are “too strong to diagnose,” said Trey Hood, a professor at the University of Georgia.

Donald Trump’s influence in particular – and the latest revelation on his exchange with a state official – is difficult to measure. If his election base is loyal to him, the crusade he has made against “tough” elections will weaken voters.

At the time of this call, a White House tenant hit out that the election had been “stolen” from him during an enormous fraud in which he gave no evidence.

Despite the covert threats, the officer, a Republican, did not give up. “We think our numbers are good,” Brad Raffensberger replied to the outgoing president.

“He talks a lot,” he explained on ABC. “We heard, but I wanted to make it clear that his data was wrong.”

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“Shameless abuse of power”, Kamala Harris thundered on Sunday.

But many elected officials in the Republican Party were reluctant to talk about the issue.

Candidate Senator Kelly Loughfler did not answer a question asked about the scandal that started on the fly during the campaign law.