May 28, 2023

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Definite effect on purchasing behavior

Definite effect on purchasing behavior

Following the evolution of notoriety, over time the perception and use of the Nutri-Score logo, Public Health France, which is responsible for the expansion of the Nutri-score in France, has been conducting various waves since April 2018. Survey of the French population. The final investigation took place in September 2020, the results of which were revealed today.

Nutrient-score: A nutritional standard that guides consumers

Simplified nutrient labeling recommended by Nutri-Score State, as of October 31, 2017. This 5-color logo, associated with the letters, informs consumers about the overall nutritional quality of the products: from A to dark green in color to products with good nutritional quality, and in dark orange to products with poor nutritional quality. Placed on the front of the packages it is easy to see and understandable, allowing customers to compare the nutritional quality of different products during grocery shopping.

Growing Reputation: 94% of French people are in favor of a nutrition-score on packaging

According to the latest results of the survey, the logo’s notoriety continues to rise as 93% of French people say they have seen or heard about the Nutri-score (81% in May 2019). Although the result was only 1% in April, 18% of French people abruptly announced a nutri-score to assess the nutritional quality of the products they buy. 2018.
In addition, Nutri-Score has population support, with 94% of French people saying they are in favor of the presence of the logo on the packaging. It also wants to make an almost equal ratio (89%) mandatory on all products, but its adhesive is currently voluntary. This support reflects the desire of consumers to have this information available to all products, including low scores.

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3 out of 4 French people say they are buying a nutri-score label product

Nutrient-score gradually settles in shopping baskets and is associated with following new buying behaviors.


French people say they have already adopted at least one of their buying behavior, thanks to Nutri-Score

The results of a survey conducted in September 2020 show that almost 3 out of 4 French people who know or have heard of Nutri-Score have purchased a product that provides Nutri-Score. This ratio, which has been increasing since the survey began, testifies to the greater visibility of the logo, but also the greater attention it receives from users for the logo. At the same time, 57% said they had already adopted at least one of their buying behaviors to Nutri-Score, but by June 2019 they were 43%.