May 28, 2022

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Iran announces major military exercise with drones

Iran announces major military exercise with drones

(Tehran) The Iranian military hopes to conduct “joint and large-scale” training operations with drones from several military branches from Tuesday, which will take place mainly across the country, the agency said on Monday. Irna, an Iranian officer.

France Media Agency

The two-day exercise will include “hundreds of operational drones of the land, air and naval forces located in Semnan Province and in various locations,” Irna said.

These Iranian-made drones will carry out short- and long-range “combat, reconnaissance, reconnaissance and computer warfare” simulations.

The Iranian military plans to showcase its “achievements” in drone design at an exhibition attended by senior military commanders.

The announcement came the day after Tehran commemorated the first anniversary of the assassination of General Qasim Solomon by an American airstrike in Baghdad amid intense tensions between Iran and the United States.

Even a few hours after the plane was announced as a carrier USS Nimitz Iran will continue to position itself in the Gulf instead of returning to the United States due to “threats” against outgoing President Donald Trump and other senior American officials.

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