May 23, 2022

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Elections in Georgia | Democrats are close to Senate control

Elections in Georgia |  Democrats are close to Senate control

(Atlanta) After a historic first victory in Georgia’s double senatorial election, Democrats took control of the U.S. Senate on Wednesday at the decisive stage for the start of Joe Biden’s term.

Elody Cousin with Jerome Cortilier in Washington
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Just hours before the congressional hearing about that were exactly where the November 3 ballot election would be, the results were very encouraging for Joe Biden, who is expected to begin his tenure on January 20 with all his might.

CNN, CBS and NBC reported on Wednesday that Democratic candidate Rafael Warnock has defeated Republican Senator Kelly Loughfler.

The pastor of a church in Atlanta, where Martin Luther King officially served, made history as the first black senator to be elected in this southern state at the age of 51.

Photo Burns Camp, AP

Joan Ossaf

Democrats have not yet won Georgia’s second by-election to gain control of the Senate.

The other Democrat in the running, Joan Ossoff, narrowly won a landslide victory over Republican Senator David Perdue.

“When all the ballots are counted, we are absolutely hopeful that Joan Ossaf will win this election,” his team wrote, explaining that the uncounted votes had gone to some parts of the state. Where the zone dominates ”.

Many analysts have gone in the same direction.

Like Kelly Lofler, David Perdue said the team wants to wait until all the votes are counted. “We believe Senator Perdue will be the winner in the end,” she wrote.

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Democratic demonstrations in this large, traditionally traditional southern state are already the toughest for the Grand Old Party. If a double victory is confirmed, the Republicans, after losing the White House, will escape from the prestigious upper room.

Donald Trump still refuses to accept his defeat and the attitude behind the conspiracy theories on fraud is largely negative, some in his camp say.

With the victory of Joe Biden in the state on November 3, for the first time since 1992, Democrats have been successful in mobilizing their voters, especially African-Americans.

Kamala Harris n Arbitre

If his victory is confirmed, Joan Osaf will become the youngest Democratic senator since Joe Biden (1973) at the age of 33.

Like Republicans, Democrats have 50 seats in the Senate. As provided by the Constitution, future Vice President Kamala Harris will have the power to decide the votes, so tip the Democratic side criteria.

“Everything will be played today,” warns former Vice President Barack Obama, who will be 46 in three weeksE President of the United States.

More than three million voters in Georgia were able to cast their ballots in advance, a record number of 40 percent of those registered in the state.

For Dave Wasserman, an analyst at the independent site Cook Political Report, this election night is reminiscent of by-elections.

“This is what we saw in 2018: most Trump voters will not rally when Trump is not on the ballot,” he tweeted.

A sign of big shares, the elected and outgoing presidents toured the field on Monday.

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Dalton Donald Trump thundered that this by-election is “your last chance to save America as we love it”.

Pro-Trump rallies

During a particularly busy and hectic week, Congress convenes Wednesday afternoon to formally register the vote of the great electorate in favor of Joe Biden (236 vs. 306).

The outcome of this constitutional obligation is no doubt: Joe Biden will preside.

But Donald Trump’s Crusade gives a special tone to this day.

If some Republican heavyweights acknowledge the Democrat victory, dozens of other lawmakers promised to hear their objections Wednesday and echo the fraudulent allegations even inside the Capitol.

Trump again put pressure on his vice president, Mike Pence, on Tuesday to have a ceremonial role in declaring Joe Biden the winner.

Photo by Lee Millis, Reuters

Donald Trump in front of his supporters in Dalton, Georgia

“The vice president has the power to reject fraudulently elected voters,” the president incorrectly tweeted.

On the street, a large demonstration in support of Donald Trump is planned in Washington.

The outgoing president confirmed that he would speak with them at 11 a.m. Wednesday from an esplanade called the Ellipse, south of the White House.

Joe Biden, he usually stopped commenting on this unprecedented pressure around a formal one day. On Wednesday he planned to make a speech on the economy.