March 22, 2023

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Harvest Days: The first films of the indie game

Harvest Days: The first films of the indie game

Family Devs, a small independent studio in Barcelona, ​​Spain, shows us the first pictures of their independent game that they want to help financially on Kickstarter. Father and son are collaborating on this farm management game project and they give us a first look.

(Image courtesy Family Devs)

Harvest Days is a new RPG management game that is reminiscent of the popular Harvest Moon, Stardow Valley and Animal Crossings. Your main goal in Harvest Days is to build your farm, maintain it, and sell some of your crops to traders for the survival of the country. You can also change your resources to improve your farm with tools or other furniture.

Harvest Days gives you the whole world to find a vehicle or even a horse. You can chat with the villagers and make different friends on your journey. The game gives you a wide variety of options when talking to NPC, which affects the course of your story. What sets Harvest Days apart from games like Animal Crossing is the more sophisticated RPG component of the game and its survival mode, which requires you to manage your resources efficiently.

Kickstarter for July 2021

Harvest days

Although Family Devices has provided us with its first trailer for Harvest Days, it has announced that it is creating Kickstarter, a fundraising campaign that will begin in July 2021. Family Devs want to collect an undecided amount yet, but theirs Page Kickstarter Already ready to let you know when the campaign starts. A successful fundraising campaign will not only complete the development of the game, but also improve some of the existing elements in this short trailer.

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