July 6, 2022

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Without harsh feelings: Laughing at the world [VIDÉO] | Richard Therian | Arts | The sun

Without harsh feelings: Laughing at the world [VIDÉO] |  Richard Therian |  Arts |  The sun

Didn’t seem difficult The last open rising star is also relying heavily on Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmaris Farewell In music. The songs of this comedian who have been posted on the web since the beginning of the epidemic always make me laugh. He does it Didn’t seem difficult, For the guests of honor. But he also dubs the scenes that involve them, the essence of which can easily go viral, for those who follow sports training.

Helen bourgeois Leclerc takes the skin of the characters in ridiculous actions, including Lucy, who holds the record for the most frequently fired person, i.e. 25 times! We quickly understood that we were receiving visits as often as possible from firefighters. “You were able to turn me into a hydrant woman with muscles!” She said she spotted a firefighter in the living room. Again, texts are not always the same.

Some numbers are personalized to studio guests, making it look like you were not invited to the party. We almost want to say: “You how, we’re here!” Scenes in the studio, including Antoine Vazina interviewing apprentice firefighters, are interspersed with sketches shot outside. Not even hilarious there.

I can’t wait to see the Drag Queens show, it looks so flashy. Host Bella transforms into Funk and shares the stage with exclusive Rita Baga. Also, we sing and dance a lot in this show which combines sketches and genres.

As the team films its eighth appearance in the 12 series on Friday, we are under pressure about the pandemic turn and the tightening of health conditions. “We look at what the government has announced and we believe it will remain an important service. It is necessary to entertain people during the epidemic. If we have to adapt, we will,” said Denise Dubois.

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Throughout the week, we gently tease country fans, mechanics, teachers, realtors, flight attendants and construction workers. Producer Jean-Franకోois Bouillon already brings together fans of camping, hunting and fishing, Canadian, Celine, teens, baby boomers, new parents and more.

Million for anemone

Fans ofAnother story 1,030,000 listeners at 8pm on Monday night for the premiere of the third season on ICI Tele. Poor Anemone (Marina Orsini), Locked in a coffin, terrified her new and her old family! With the contestant, watch the episode El Happy Available for free for several weeks on TVA +; 801,000 were also present Monday.

TVA will rebroadcast the series Belive At 9 p.m., it retained 358,000 fans Upper country ICI attracted 912,000 in Télé. District 31 At 7 p.m., it topped the list with 1,568,000 slaves against 413,000 Team White, Documentary Series. 7:30 p.m., Tower Patrick Howard rallied for the premiere against 640,000 regulars 607,000 Too much.

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