June 26, 2022

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Curfews in Quebec: Relief from Slee Resorts

Curfews in Quebec: Relief from Slee Resorts

Despite sacrificing night skiing, resorts in the province are relieved to be open during the “shock treatment” in Quebec.

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Franకోois Legalt confirmed Wednesday that personal outdoor activities are permitted for mental health reasons.

“Ski lessons are prohibited, but downhill skiing is possible. The same thing happens if skating, walking, bubbles are inside our house,” the prime minister told a news conference.

The Quebec Ski Stations Association welcomed the decision of the government and public health to operate the 75 stations it represents.

“We are very happy with the continuation of the activities. This is good news for the mental health of the population,” it was underlined. Journal Le Massif de Charlevoix Group General Manager, Andre Roy.

Prohibited in the evening

Due to the curfew that begins Saturday, Sky Resorts will be closed at 7:30 p.m.

Many evening ski enthusiasts are disappointed with this decision. Work and children’s schedules are now obstacles that can compromise the ski season for some.

“My family and I have evening ski passes because our schedule does not allow us to do daytime skiing. It’s a tradition that has been going on for over 20 years.

“I am just happy to be free. But for my part, I feel lucky and comforted myself by saying that I can go there during the day, ”said Anik Tetralt, who lives near Mount Bromont.

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International skiing

For Ski de Fond Quebec, in addition to overseeing the development of the sport, oversees general practice, new government measures have been coldly adopted.

According to General Manager Claude Alexander Carpentier, organized practice (training or group lessons) is able to ensure “a certain control and respect for health indications.”

“We do not believe that free practice allows us to respect health indications. For us, it is wrong on the part of the government,” he lamented.

Mr. Carpentier believes that free practice increases the risk of meetings.

Open national parks

In addition, the National Parks and other institutions of the Society des establishments are open to de Plein Air du Quebec (Sepac).

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