December 8, 2023

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Ibowd avenged the popular

Ibowd avenged the popular

The situation at JSK is volatile and Mouloud Ibaud arrived at the headquarters alone to hold a press conference at 11am yesterday, to clarify some points, especially the change of coach, the position of the CSA and other issues related to club news. During the week, there was a discussion among the leaders on who should attend before the press.

The meeting was supposed to be held because President Sheriff Mellal was the first person of the club, but in the end spokesman Mouloud Iboud threw into the mouths of supporters angry over the current management. Of their club. JSK President, Director General Nasim Benabedrahmane and Sports Director Kamel Abdeslam were also not present at the headquarters yesterday. Mouloud Ibaud was left alone and sought popular revenge. True, a group of supporters went to the club headquarters yesterday to meet the leaders and demand their departure. At 11:05 a.m., the yellow and green former captain decided to try to pacify supporters. He felt that his notoriety and his past were enough to pacify his supporters, but in the end it was not enough before the anger of these young supporters, whose average age did not exceed 25 years. They surrounded him in front of the main entrance of the headquarters in the presence of certain elements of the security services.

“You failed, you all leave”

The two sides began to discuss politely. Very angry, these young supporters, whose statistics are not known to the general public, let Iboud himself and other leaders fail at the head of the JSK three years later. “There is no plan or anything, you have failed in your mission and you all have to leave. We have become any club and you are responsible for it.” He alleged that one of these supporters was behind the arrival of the current president. “We do not know Mellal. It was you who brought him back. We, the supporters, agreed on your credibility (talking about Iboud).”

“If I had a problem, I would have quit”

The fans, who were very upset against the current management of the club, took advantage of the presence of Mouloud Iboud. The club representative is trying to calm things down and if they have a problem let them know that he is ready to leave the club. “If I have a problem, I will resign,” Mouloud Iboud told them. He remained calm until one of those supporters told him: “You are not part of JSK history or its legacy.” With these words, the club’s signature captain was very upset. He went straight to headquarters, retrieved his belongings and then set out to cancel the press conference he was to hold.

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Cassade to strengthen technical staff

Former club officials and former president Youssef Bouzid prepare the next technical staff ahead of the departure officialization. After securing the services of Denis Lavagne, who was expected at TG Ozou today, and signing his contract via email, the yellow and green JSK president looked appropriately to strengthen the technical staff with another aide. So, in addition to Abdoulahab Tizarroin, who was appointed as an assistant to Youssef Bouzidi and continued in his post, the club is owned by former coach ES Azefoun, US Beni Doula and other clubs in Villa to strengthen the technical staff of Denis Lavagne, Karim Cassade. He finished everything with the leaders a few days ago and should start his work when training resumes.

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