May 30, 2023

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The Nordic Express arrived in September-Îles

The Nordic Express arrived in September-Îles

Until 1993, the Nordic Express, which had been transporting goods and passengers through the villages of Anticoste Island and the Lower North Shore, was back in service. He arrived in September on Monday morning.

After devoting a few years to supplying an oil drilling platform, the ship, which has been in service for a quarter of a century on the north coast, is affiliated with the citizens.

Since the appointment of its successor Bella Desgnes, it has been called upon to take charge on a number of occasions during technical difficulties.

The last voyage of the Nordic Express is 2017. It was brought back into service after a few weeks of preparatory work in Quebec.

For most citizens, this is a sign of loyalty.

“I know the service of the Lower North Shore and have seen the boat coming and going once a week,” said Jacqueline Deraps, a former Aguanese resident who witnessed the arrival of the Nordic Express. Monday morning. Him, he rendered proud services in the 80s. This is a beautiful old machine, which has been proven many times over. “

For the mechanic Rhom Belonger on the September-Oles cruise dock, the Nordic Express brings back memories of arrival. “It was my first boat when I left the Institute Maritime de Rimowski as a mechanic. It was a good boat to learn. The engines were very easy. It was more reliable than some boats, you have to trust,” he said.

The Nordic Express came to Cote d’Ivoire in support of Bella Desgagnes, which has traveled with many obstacles since 2 of its 3 electric motors broke down.

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As a result, the delivery of goods to the Lower North Shore and Anticostes has been significantly delayed in recent weeks.

The Nordic Express is coming as reinforcements and should make at least two trips to the villages on the lower north coast.

However, he will be able to help his successor in the coming years. Francis Roy, president and CEO of Reliance Nordic, said it would require a million-dollar investment to upgrade.

“Right now we are really focused on how to use it. We are very happy to have it and will use it to complete the delivery of the goods we receive. ”

Bella Desgagne is currently delivering goods to the lower north coast before heading to Quebec for annual maintenance. Reliance Nordic said the rear drive engines will be repaired in a timely manner by the start of the sailing season next April.