July 5, 2022

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“Before strengthening the measures, we must consider other concerns,” said Christian Leonard, director of Sienzano.

"Before strengthening the measures, we must consider other concerns," said Christian Leonard, director of Sienzano.

Coronavirus infections are on the rise Fourth day in a row. For Catherine Leonard, a health geographer at Unamore, we need to be careful and look closely at the situation, but not go any further for now. “If we think that the increase in positive cases is explained by the increase in the number of tests, we can experience stabilization better”.

There is no strict restraint

Benedict Delare, an epidemiologist at CHU UCL, does not advocate for tougher control measures: “Detention is the goal of closing it all down and protecting education. We may explore other measures to limit the spread of the virus or improve existing ones. We have a problem with the test, we have a problem with quarantine. People need to understand the importance of all this. “.

Same story with Christian Leonard, director Cianzano. “We must first apply the measures properly. Pollution should not be avoided as it has increased. Over the past two weeks, pollution has increased by 30%, but at the same time there have been 70% additional tests. In addition, we hear cries of distress from young people, and we have also seen in our surveys that mental health is a real concern. To prevent the third wave but also to maintain mental health we must maintain a balance. And physical. Give us the need and goodwill for good.

Border closure

Wouldn’t it be wise to face the English variant, which is proving to be more contagious, and close our borders? Our officers took this drastic action 24 hours late last year. For Catherine Leonard, this option is somewhat favorable from an epidemiological point of view depending on the specificity of the variant and the Belgian context. On the other hand, according to her, there is no need to take such a measure, especially since this closure can also have significant adverse effects.

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Is 3E vague?

For Benedict Delaire, we are no doubt at a crucial moment. We are testing more and we have more pollution cases. There are holidays, the resumption of contacts begins, and all of this comes out and worries the medical world. There are indicators that still allow us to monitor the situation and take further action if necessary. However, caregivers and the medical world fear they will find themselves before the third wave.