May 23, 2022

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Quebec said the appointment of Bochra Manas was a “mistake”

Quebec said the appointment of Bochra Manas was a "mistake"

The Legalt government felt that Bochra Mana’s “personal crusade” against the law on state secularism was a bad choice for her position as commissioner for the fight against systemic racism and discrimination in the city of Montreal.

“Om appointmentTo me Manas is questionable because of his past positions and personal crusade against secularism, ”the prime minister’s office said in a statement to the media on Thursday. “For us, it was a mistake in the city of Montreal.”

Mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plante, Om’s appointment was announced on WednesdayTo me మన⁇. She holds a doctorate in urban studies, a master’s degree in immigration and interracial relations, and a master’s degree in urban geography. OmTo me Until now, he has led the Parole de Exclus, a civic mobilization organization in Montreal-North. In 2019 she was a representative of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (CNMC). This body has challenged Law 21, which is Mr.To me Manas stated that the law was aimed at “creating second class citizens and accepting the rule of inequality that we do not want in our society”.

In an interview at Destiny, She declared that she did not intend to “abandon” her commitment to compete for the law on secularism. “But I think it would be unfortunate if we reduced our involvement on the issue of social exclusion and poverty for more than ten years. I do not deny anything, but my involvement in this mandate, which I have made for a short period of time, will not be diminished,” she confirmed.

Mayor Plante insisted that Mr.To me Manas is now a “city employee”.

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“She understood her role very well. About Bill 21 [sur la laïcité de l’État], Which was adopted. Montreal is in line with that. So I think we can turn the page, ”she suggested.

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