May 18, 2022

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Suppression of anti-racist protesters: New York prosecutor attacks New York police

Suppression of anti-racist protesters: New York prosecutor attacks New York police

New York | The New York State Democratic Prosecutor on Thursday attacked New York police for using “excessive force” on black lives matter protests against racial inequality following the death of an African American. George Floyd.

“There is no doubt that the NYPD has repeatedly used excessive, brutal and illegal force,” the prosecutor said in a statement after investigating more than 1,300 complaints that came to her office.

According to her, from May to December 2020, New York police officers were unjustly arrested and used batons, pepper spray and roundabouts in the wake of “mostly peaceful” demonstrators. “155 cases of officers using excessive and unreasonable force,” she cited.

The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan federal court, targeted two NYPD executives, Dermot Shia and Terence Monahan – the largest police force in the United States with 35,000 agents – but New York’s Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, who, according to custom in the United States, is their boss. The prosecutor said they “did not train, monitor, or stop the agents who committed these atrocities.”

It calls for the establishment of “structured versions” and “external” controller to check future performance.

The mayor and NYPD officials did not immediately respond.

During the May-June protests, tens of thousands of people marched in Manhattan and Brooklyn, with several videos aired showing police handhandling or pushing charges against peaceful protesters. In both cases, the robbers targeted the heart of Manhattan, prompting the mayor to set up a curfew.

The management of the protests has fueled an atmosphere of distrust of the police, with some contributing to a significant increase in homicides in New York by 2020 (+ 40% compared to 2019).

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The Police Benevolent Association (PBA), a powerful police union that campaigned for Donald Trump’s re-election, has always denied these criticisms and instead condemned the chaos created by the demonstrators.

Several municipal police forces opened fire after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, suffocating by white police. Across the United States, many protesters chanted the slogan “Defend the police,” which became a red carpet for Donald Trump and his supporters, calling for the restoration of “order.” And the law ”.