May 23, 2022

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The challenge of teaching music from a distance

The challenge of teaching music from a distance

The epidemic has hit many young people who have stopped their activities.

However, technology has saved many music teachers, although it is likely that in recent months lessons will be taught.

This is the situation of Professor Sylvie Coulombay, who has been teaching music for over 35 years in Lotbineier Municipality.

“I said I couldn’t stop completely. I worked very hard, so I rolled up my sleeves, ”she said.

Mrs. Coulombe went on to teach her students via videoconference.

“I can tell you that 50% of my clients are.”

Due to the epidemic, many young people were seen stopping their activities. But thanks to technology, some can continue their practice. This is the situation of Sylvie Coulombay students who can benefit from distance music lessons.

Dozens of students are there once a week to learn guitar or piano.

“She tells me where to put my fingers,” explained 10-year-old student Victoria-Rose Blanchett. If there are any errors, we will correct them. “

“Let’s face it, this is not the right place to put our hands because we can’t see well. It was so easy for me to know what notes to make so she could help me because she was nearby. ”

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