March 21, 2023

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The Vatican judges the “Lady of the Cardinal”

The Vatican judges the "Lady of the Cardinal"

Vatican City State Court on Monday announced it would try an Italian woman suspected of “organized kidnapping”, but sought her extradition from Italy.

Cecilia Marogna, a young Italian consultant who was handed over half a million euros by the Holy See to an account in Slovenia, was arrested under a warrant in Milan in mid-October. International judgment issued by Interpol at the request of Vatican researchers.

The revelations in the Italian press about this mysterious woman, nicknamed the “Lady of the Cardinal” or “Lady of 500,000 euros”, raised suspicions about a high-ranking clergyman, Cardinal Angelo Beckio, who was abruptly fired on September 24. By Pope Francis for suspicions of kidnapping.

Cecilia Margona’s trial is “imminent”, according to a statement released by the Vatican prosecutor on Monday. Vatican justice initially wanted him extradited, but changed his mind. The Italian, who was briefly detained in Milan in October, will appear before a Vatican court free of charge.

The Vatican’s brief statement did not mention Cardinal Becky’s involvement in future inquiries.

Following a series of paper leaks in the Italian press, Cecilia Margona’s presence and her problematic role were revealed following a leave given to an influential cardinal.

The consultant admitted in an interview with the press that she had received half a million euros from the Secretariat of State (Vatican Central Government) for “informal diplomatic” services between 2013 and 2018.

The 39-year-old woman said she was paid by a middleman to free priests and sisters who were kidnapped in Africa and Asia.

This young woman is from Sardinia, like 72-year-old Cardinal Becky, who decided to pay her when he was second in the secretariat at the top of the Vatican hierarchy.

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The Italian television investigative program received several media anonymous envelopes with accounts of his Slovenian company, such as “Le Aine”, which went to Lubzana for filming a simple letterbox.

The show showed that 200,000 euros was spent on luxury items, for example 12,000 euros for an armchair. “After a lot of work, I think I have the right to buy a chair!” Cecilia Marogna rebelled, claiming she had conspired at the Vatican.