May 22, 2022

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Kamala Harris, according to Dominic Anglade, should not take an example too seriously

Dominique Anglade en point de presse.

This woman, her senior color politician for 10 years, represents an important symbol for her. It’s very moving, she’s coming here – a strong, determined woman – and it’s a message to the whole generation., Said Mrs. Angled, with a touch of admiration in her throat.

Last May, Dominic Angled wrote a page of political history in his own way She was the first woman to lead the Quebec Liberal Party And the first person to serve as the official Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly.

But breaking the glass ceiling does not guarantee good days for women and those of color in politics, she warned. We should never confuse progress and success. If these advances were made after Barack Obama, we would not have Donald Trump. Has black America made much progress since there was a black president before Donald Trump? Nope.

Closer to home, in terms of the position of women in politics, she recalled that even though there were already six women at once at the head of the provinces and territories in Canada, there were no more. In 2013, when Pauline Moroise became Quebec premiere, she could count on five female rivals: Christy Clark in British Columbia, Alison Redford in Alberta, Kathleen Wine in Ontario, Kathy Dunderdale in Newfoundland and Eva Nunavut in Labrador.

Or Speech by the new President of the United States A glimmer of hope in the mind of a 46-year-old politician. We are guided not only by the example of our power, but by the power of our exampleJoe Biden said after being sworn in.

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Dominic Anglade is an unforgettable phrase, and it makes him believe that permanent change is possible. This concept of example out there, we need today. Our elected officials, Joe Biden, must first and foremost be able to demonstrate this openness, this inclusion, to others. This strength of example. This is the sentence I remember! She is surprised.

Kamala Harris’ coming to power will pave the way, but according to Dominic Anglade, the road ahead will be too long and difficult. Each level of variation brings its level of complexity, so if you are a woman, and a black woman … she clears up for most of the women behind her, but others have to take possession of it, She explains.

The liberal leader believes more than anyone in the importance of role models for women in politics. I, before launching myself, I asked myself: Who exactly won? Who can I inspire? You see former Prime Minister Pauline Marais, then a former politician like Liz Bacon … it allows you to hang anything and then create your own story, She concluded.