June 6, 2023

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Cancel success | The Journal of Montreal

Cancel success |  The Journal of Montreal

Mr. Jean-Franకోois Roberz, Mrs. Daniel McCann,

My son is in 5thE There is “misfortune” to be a successful student who strives for high school and excellence. This summer CHSLD has made its contribution to the community by being an assistant to beneficiaries and an instructor to students in need since November. His dreams come one after another, but he hangs on. No more science fair, no more hockey, but he still has school and he has friends he only sees in class.

He goes to CEGP next year with the desire to succeed. Do you know something He is not alone! There are hundreds of students like him.

Your decision to cancel the ministry exams will turn everything upside down under the guise of taking pressure from the students … but let’s take a closer look.

Generally, students have three report cards. Since November, we know if things are going well. And then, in the end, they have ministerial exams, which also count for their final class.

The fact that the requirements of both report cards have been reduced has eased the pressure on teachers. But with just two ballots, the second one weighs up, isn’t it true that we’re only postponing the issue? Delay is reversible from March to June, and remedial action should be taken early in the summer.

Ministry reviews are important

The tests of the Minister of Education, Ministry were a tool to assess the effects of education in the event of an epidemic and to diagnose by establishment and then to establish support systems in institutions. Is targeted.

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Mrs. McCann, have you consulted on the decision to cancel the Ministerial Reviews? No full ministry exams or 4E In the secondary or 5E Secondary. It destroys attempts to calculate the well-known R score that allows all CEGEP students to prepare for admission to universities.

The 80% given by School A where requirements are low does not necessarily include the value at School B, where the requirements exceed those indicated by the program. What are you going to do to correct the gross inequalities that are created for those who strive for excellence?

Level down

What message is the government sending to our youth? No matter how hard it was, the company chose to equalize it. Wouldn’t it have been more useful for the ministry to take tests and give tools to those in trouble? For example, you can give CEGEP and those who do not expect to go to university an exemption to write exams. For others moving towards higher education, the tests provide authenticity and flexibility to all Quebec students, for whom an R score is important in admissions to limited programs.

Society has chosen to teach growing adults that as soon as we have a trial, we must surrender, surrender, set goals and do everything to achieve them rather than face adversity. .

Life is never easy and never will be. Let’s give the youth tools to deal with them without showing the art of sticking heads in the sand. Otherwise, one day or another, they will end up hitting the wall.

Helen Savage
Bachelor of Architecture, self-employed and mother of three boys

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