May 23, 2022

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Three months after the secret affair, a doctor from Ole de Orleans was beaten

Un stéthoscope

At the time of the allegations against her, Dr. Annie was in medical assistance with Laro. Between April and June 2017, she also looked after a new patient and her co-worker who was her lover’s spouse.

The former colleague, who later resigned, sent a request to the College of Physicians in December 2017 for an investigation. According to the documents obtained, the complainant blamed the doctor To behave in a manner detrimental to the dignity or honor of his profession.

The patient specifically describes the content of a letter sent to her by Mrs. LaRo on June 5, 2017 in response to her resignation. I will not try to alleviate your pain […] But you know this case only lasted a month … maybe I was very Cartesian, but life was so bad, She wrote, according to documents disclosed by the college.

The patient’s spouse was also registered as a member of the health co-op, but there was no therapeutic relationship between them, it stated.

Canceled for three months

Annie later admitted her guilt by Loro. She stated that her coworker became her patient after a headache consultation. Although I was very uncomfortable registering him, I could not explain to him the reasons for my discomfort., She agreed.

The latter were seen only once. She agreed to send him a letter after the events and stated that it was not her intention to reduce the extent of the pain she was experiencing.

I never wanted to reduce my actions. I have noticed that the manner in which my letter was written leads to misunderstanding and I apologize, She wrote.

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The college concluded Defendant’s conduct covers the entire medical profession. However, he emphasized his understanding and lack of ancestry. Defendant has a lower risk of recidivism, We added.

Annie was therefore ordered by Lauro to be subject to a three-month cancellation period and to pay a certain amount.