May 21, 2022

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Michelle Wenne victim “hated”

Michelle Wenne victim "hated"

Victim of a former journalist and columnist Destiny, Michelle Wenne, who is facing sexual harassment charges, was “hurt and shocked” in 2008 by the actions of a man who had “great respect” for her.

At the time, the 17-year-old – who revolves around the art community and whose identity is protected by court recognition – was an intern at the Institute du Nouveau Monde (INM), founded by Wenne, who served as director.

During the summer of alleged actions, INM employees held a “summer school” at Old Capital, during which citizens invited young people to discuss social and economic issues.

Internally, the complainant, now 29 years old, had to help Wenne, which she considered “honorable”.

Sexual gestures

However, the first time, in the taxi, he “put one hand on my thigh, near my vagina” and the second time, near the hotel where she was staying, she was quickly confused when he put his hand on my thigh. Hand on his hips and on his private parts.

“I was completely paralyzed and disgusted with this … he tried to put his hand in my pants and there I said no … it really made me sick!” Told the young woman.

After these events, when the victim said a few words to her mother and co-worker, she remained mostly silent without realizing that she had been “attacked”.

# Aggression is not condemned

In late 2008, Butter allegedly asked her to “forget the unfortunate events” in Quebec, and shortly after, when she saw him attending a meeting talking about aggression, she reacted sexually.

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“I sent him an email saying I found him a liar there and he said he didn’t know what I was talking about,” she testified.

After being mentioned a few times, and following the waves of criticism that erupted in 2014 with the movement “Aggression is not condemned”, the young woman decided to talk a little more openly about it.

She finally complained in October 2017. The trial is set to last two weeks.

Liz Payet asked “not to do injustice to her friend.”

When plaintiff Michael Wayne, Liz Payet, then began to open up a little more about the attacks she experienced from the columnist Destiny, Invited the young woman to be careful “not to harm her friend”.

The conversation was recorded without Liz Payet’s knowledge, which was heard as part of a horrible noise and has not yet been accepted on merit. The judge will have to decide on the consent or the journal will give you short excerpts on the evidence of this element.

Six years after she was tortured in Quebec, Michael Wenne, the victim, told the court that over the years, her “idea” had progressed, and in 2008, if she did not really know what sexual harassment was, it would no longer be a case in 2014.

“At the time, after the Ghomeshi affair, the victims were talking. It struck me that I was not the only one. I wrote a blog without naming Mr. Wenne, then a tweet I quickly deleted,” she reported.

Change of tone

A few minutes later, a friend, Mitsuo Gelinas, called to ask her what she was going to do, and then, in 2015, Lis Poyet, the former Minister of State for Women’s, invited her to his condo in L’Oreal. -Des-Sœurs for tea.

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While the meeting was polite and pleasant at the beginning, she noticed a change in tone during the conversation. “She told me he was suicidal and depressed,” she testified.

At the same time, the lady suggested that Michael Wenne write a letter to the family to “apologize” for the injustice done to her.

“I was so scared and frustrated … she was confused, but I agreed to sign the letter she ordered me to … back then, I didn’t have to admit it,” he added.

After Liz Payet left the house, she called her mother and her journalist friend Patrick Lagake, who was confident with her.


In 2017, the young woman then contacted the then 86-year-old lady to understand why she had “advised” not to bring the case to court. The judge will have to decide whose consent is given in the recorded conversation and testimony without the knowledge of Liz Payet.

Who is Michelle Wenne?

Age: 60 years

Allegations: Sexual harassment and sexual exploitation

Age of alleged victim: 17 years at the time of the alleged actions

Professional Occupation:

  • Journalist at Destiny 1990 to 2006
  • Founder of the Institute du Nouveau Monde in 2004

He is married and has two children