November 27, 2022

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Contaminates discussion | Tap

Contaminates discussion |  Tap

The leader of the Black Cubacois, Yves-Franois Blanchett, insisted on abusing the new federal transport minister. Omar Alghabra has made false allegations against Islamist connections that do not contain water.

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Black leader Mr. Alghabra thought of past Islamist ties, without giving any evidence for his allegations. Mr. Blanchett, an Islamist sympathizer, has been criticized for accusing him of not having new evidence He defended himself: I only ask questions !

Photo by Sean Kilpatrick, Canadian Press

The leader of the Black Cubacois, Yves-Franకోois Blanchett, took part in the smear campaign of Federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra.

Omar Alghabra’s smear campaign was first launched in foul-smelling circles that traded in fear of Islam, mainly This poisonous “media” is the Rebel media and its main agitator, Ezra Levant. It goes back many years. In 2018, the Conservative senator apologized for lying about the MP.

According to these agitators who see signs of Islamization in the community everywhere, Mr. Alghabra supported the idea of ​​Islamic courts in Ontario …

However, there is no proof of this support: it is air.

The Canadian Arab Federation (FCA), briefly chaired by Mr Alghabra, has been embroiled in controversy with the Harper government, which is unhappy that the FCA does not view Israel as anti-government …

It happened five years after Mr. Alghabra left the federation.

Photo by Justin Tang, Canadian Press

Federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra during a videoconference with Parliament

Back The Rebel, an anti-Muslim site. After the attack on the mosque the Rebel entered Quebec: to spread misinformation: there was a second gunman! They both entered the mosque shouting “Allahu Akbar”! Quebec police hid things!

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This is a lie, a lie-lie and everything published by Rebel is contradicted by direct witnesses and surveillance cameras. None of the Rebel allegations have been established, Near or far.

These are the various antics that Rebel promotes in society, a medium similar to asbestos manufacturers. When you find a thread of a story and it comes from agitators working in The Rebel or their followers – you have to handle that story like construction workers making mistakes on asbestos. During the renovation of a hospital built in 1940.

When I asked Black Cubacois to give me clues to the allegations made by its leader, I was sent three sources: Two Chronicles Journal of Montreal And the Canadian Jewish news site. But none of these sources bring forward any credible information about Omar Alghabra’s Islamist connections …

At best, we echo “Questions About Mr. Alghabra” quoting The Rebel! He is the dog of misinformation chasing his inary killer tail.

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l’article du Canadian Jewish news

What did the Rebels do to cover their butt? Misinformation about the mosque’s false second Muslim gunman was made in the guise of asking questions … like Mr. Blanchett. Sorry, it would not be more honorable to add a question mark at the end of a false accusation… or more is not true.

At Globe and Mail, Cooper defended Mr Alghabra, vice president of the Advisory Center for Jewish-Israeli Relations (CIZA): “We do not believe his appointment is appropriate for the cabinet,” said David Cooper. We do not know of any proven link between Mr. Alghabra and Islamism or political terrorism. We are aware of allegations that he was convicted by the association, but we have not seen any evidence to raise any concern. ”

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I emphasize this obvious fact: Jewish communities are not used to gaining Islamic sympathy. CIJA have The Liberal Party of Canada candidate Winx gave a torpedo to Islamist terrorists in 2019. Whether the allegations made in the “Association by Offense” about the same CIJA Mr. Alghabra are worthy casts some doubt on the determination of the Black leader.

Yves-Franois Blanchett apologize? It’s his choice. I have noticed that black apologies to flight attendants who have been insulted by the party statement have come so fast, a thousand times less poisonous than the smear of Mr. Alghabra, which somewhat reinforces this insult in the minds of the people: all Muslims are suspects.

In two cases, one: Mr. Blanchett threw his mud without confirming where it came from, or threw his mud without knowing where it came from.

In both cases, it contributed to the contamination of the public debate.

In this age of being a kind of toxin that slowly kills social cohesion, the black leader is playing a dangerous game with perseverance in spreading it.