May 30, 2023

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Defeat of Steven Butler: Stephen in shock

Defeat of Steven Butler: Stephen in shock

Due to mandatory detention, promoter Camille Estefon could not accompany his boxers when he performed in Mexico. On Friday night, when he saw the end of the fight between Steven Butler and Jose de Jesus Macias, there was a little pain in his heart.

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“I’m in shock,” Estephan said minutes after the fight ended. I noticed that his right arm was injured after the third round.

“His coach, Mike Mofa, started telling me to throw to his left. Then everything collapsed like a house of cards. We were not going to tell each other a story.”

During his career as a promoter, Estefan suffered numerous setbacks along with his defeats in important fights. Butler faced a tough time against Macias.

“This is both my first big surprise and disappointment. We will have a team meeting to evaluate what happened.”

He was reluctant to explain his defense plans, but he knew full well that it would be work for him to bring him back into a big fight in the near future.

Above all, he doesn’t like Butler acting as a foil for rising boxing stars. He loves and respects him more to go in that direction.

Stevener: Another knockout

Meanwhile, in Florida, Bermane Stewerne suffered another fatal blow. Former WBC Heavyweight World Champion lost in the 11th round to Trevor Bryan with a WBA regular title knockout.

The Haitian-born Quebecar was more competitive than his last fights, but he sank quickly with Bryan’s attacks. Stevens cashed in as best he could. However, he really seems to be at the end of his rope.

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He had some good scratches, in which he hit Bryan hard. He failed to move her and that was the end of the broadcasts.

At 42 years old and three losses in a row by knockout, Stewarn must hang his gloves. He could not play Russian roulette with his health.