July 7, 2022

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Quebec abolishes National Center of Excellence in Mental Health

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The National Center of Excellence exists before and after, as explained by a psychiatrist at the University Institute of Mental Health in Quebec, Mark-Andre Roy. The center has established learning standards and guided the establishment of services. It is difficult for every organization to have the skill required to perform all of these tasks.

Genevieve Moss, a psychiatrist at Granby Hospital, feared she would lose this skill she had accumulated over the years.

These are field experts who have worked there. Suddenly this center does not exist, we do not know if it exists as well, She cries.

This is very frustrating, because in mental health, we know it can be difficult to bring together teams of professionals who support regions.

Rene Cloutier, general manager, before network cracking

The same story in community organizations. The center trained them regularly.

What was interesting was that the Ministry consulted with all regions, various CISSS in Quebec and all mental health teams in CIUSSS to see its impact in terms of support and expertise., Rene Cloutier, General Manager of the Network before the cracks, mentioned that it is a federation of multiple organizations working to provide better support to people with mental illness.

Genevieve Moss and Mark-Andre Roy were shocked to learn of the closure.

Roy said he had not been contacted before the decision was made to cancel the center. We really hope to be part of the consultation with the intention of setting up new companies in his place.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services convened a meeting on February 15 to hear the status of the situation Questions and concerns.

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The Minister of Health, Social Services, Lionel Garmont, or the Ministries of Health were reluctant to give interviews on the subject.

Many doctors, organizations and associations have signed a letter to convey their concerns. We learned that a copy of the Radio-Canada copy of the document would be sent to Lionel Garment this week.