May 24, 2022

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Official languages ​​| Quebec announces its orientation to Ottawa

Official languages ​​|  Quebec announces its orientation to Ottawa

(Quebec) As Ottawa prepares for the modernization of the Official Languages ​​Act, Quebec is of the opinion that it is very necessary to adopt a more global view of the official languages ​​and to identify them as two official languages, with only French being a minority throughout Canada.

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In the context of modernization works, the Quebec Minister in charge of Canadian relations and the Canadian francophony, Sonia Label, wanted to share Quebec’s five views on this issue with the federal government.

OmTo me As the only official minority language in Canada, Label believes that French is the only language that needs protection and promotion across the country. The modernized law should therefore take into account both the uniqueness of Quebec and the linguistic problems faced by Francophones elsewhere in Canada.

Since the requirements are not the same everywhere, we need to talk about equity and talk about equality in terms of language.

She explains, “In order to have equity across Canada and strengthen French, we need this sense of inequality between the two languages. For this, the French must take advantage of special protection and promotion measures ”.

Proposed trends include respect for the rights and considerations and real needs of English-speaking Cubans, as well as respect for Quebec’s role and responsibilities towards the Francophone and Akkadian communities across the country.