December 4, 2023

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The target of the conspirators, the computer company Fox News, claimed 7 2.7 billion

The target of the conspirators, the computer company Fox News, claimed 7 2.7 billion

The computer company is seeking $ 7.2.7 billion from the Smartmatic Fox news channel and Donald Trump supporters, who have been accused of broadcasting conspiracy theories that have turned him into a tool for massive electoral fraud.

After Joe Biden’s victory was officially announced, many people close to the Trump camp confirmed that the American presidential election had been rigged, especially thanks to the active role of vote – counting software.

Attorney Sidney Powell, once a member of Donald Trump’s legal team, used the services of specialist providers, Dominion and Smartmatic, during the election, arguing that it was crucial in an international conspiracy to oust the outgoing president.

None of these claims have been substantiated. In addition, Smartmatic served only Los Angeles County during the presidential election and did not physically interfere in key electoral states.

In Smartmatic’s viewfinder, Fox News alleged that “it gave a story to its millions of viewers and its readers: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris did not win this election.” Smartmatic stole for them. “

The defendants include Sidney Powell, but also Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, as well as three presenters, Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro, but Maria Bartiromo and sister channel Fox Business’s Lou Dobs.

The document filed in New York Civil Court continues that “their story is a lie”. “That’s the whole story. And they know it. But she was sold.”

“We are proud of our coverage in the 2020 election and we will forcibly defend in court against this baseless action,” a channel spokesman told AFP.

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Smartmatic claims to have “permanently damaged” its “reputation”. According to the summons document, her clients, who were suffering from fabricated allegations against her, “began to panic”.

Several executives and employees of the company also received death threats, according to the group, in addition to 7 2.7 billion for defamation and denial, to withdraw the charges altogether.

Beyond that, the conspiracy theory “damaged public confidence in democracy” and led Donald Trump supporters to attack Congress on January 6, Smartmatic argued.

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