December 1, 2022

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SPVM police officers need portable cameras

SPVM police officers need portable cameras

In the wake of the Kamara affair, the city of Montreal’s opposition is filing a motion demanding the immediate use of portable cameras.

The motion, which will be tabled en masse in Montreal at the next Municipal Council meeting on February 22, states that “SPVM agents’ use of portable cameras helped prevent Ms. Mamadi III from being indicted.” ”.

In doing so, the party wants to set up cameras permanently and immediately for all SPVM agents.

“At a press conference on February 4, SPVM director Mr Sylvain Karen said his leadership service was ready to deploy portable cameras on police.

“Action needs to be taken to ensure arrests like ME Quado d. Yebo and Mr. Mamadi III Farah Kamara will no longer take place ”, also appeals to the party in its motion.

Ensemble Montreal conductor Lionel Perez said handheld cameras could have prevented Mamadi III Fara Camara from being arrested and detained for six days.

“If we have to learn one thing from the Camara case, it can avoid very serious false accusations,” Perez said.

Pilot project

SPVM has already undertaken a pilot project on the use of portable cameras from 2016 to 2017.

The police service filed in 2019 a report that generated a negative assessment of the use of this technology.

One confirmation of the pilot project is that the use of these cameras is very expensive.

Collective Montreal believes that technology has improved since then, which means costs may have dropped.

“The days of pilot projects are over. You have to move on. If other cities like Toronto, Calgary and Chicago can do it, so can Montreal,” Perez said.

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– Andy Saint-Andre, with information from TVA Novelles