May 27, 2022

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Winter flu, gastroenteritis and bronchitis are very rare

There is no active transmission of influenza viruses detected by dedicated surveillance networks, according to Public Health France, only 19 influenza viruses have been detected in various locations (17 in hospitals and 2 through the Sentinelles network), of which at least 2 people return from a trip abroad. Statistics have been around for many years, not only in France but also across Europe.

In the present case, physical distance and barrier signals are required to limit the spread of Kovid, but they are more pronounced against other types of viruses. Since these viruses are mainly spread through contaminated surfaces or direct contact, they are susceptible to actions that allow people to mix less, as well as to disinfect hand.

More people have been vaccinated this year, with even a small shortage at one stage. The Ministry of Health has announced that the seasonal flu vaccine campaign has been extended to February 28. To date, 1.3 million doses of vaccines are available from state stock to people who want to be vaccinated.

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