June 28, 2022

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Back to class for students in Sherbrook

Back to class for students in Sherbrook

While the return of CEGEP and university students to the school benches, which began on Monday, has been regular, some have already been able to step into the classroom for the first time during the winter sessions.

On the University de Sherbrook campus, several students attended their first-person class on Monday morning. “First class for me!” Said a young man shocked. Great to come back and see everyone again. ”

A student who lived with her parents, a two-hour drive from Sherbrook, breathed less into campus, but was happy. “I didn’t see the email on Friday, I read it this morning! I got in my car, I made a short stop at my apartment here in Sherbrook and there I was attending my class in presence! I have two today, it will be good, ”she said.

Not all students will resume their lessons this week. The University de Sherbrooke gradual return plan extends until the spring break returns. “Within these parameters, it is up to each faculty to determine the order and speed of this recovery and to inform students about it,” reads the Foundation’s website.

At Bishop University, students are notified of a plan to return to class during the week. At Segep de Sherbrooke, before the announcement by Higher Education Minister Daniel McCann, 25% of courses were already offered in person and each student could attend on campus at least once a week.

However, this gymnastics that students have to do is not that easy. “Time management has always been a challenge for students and these days, with individual and online classes, it’s becoming more and more complicated, teacher Mary-Jose Dubois explained. Young people tell us and that’s why we created the Les Jails de la Representation project. We provide meetings ”,

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