May 25, 2022

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Tortorella makes people talk to Montreal

Tortorella makes people talk to Montreal

The fate of Columbus Blue Jackets head coach John Tortorella reserved for Patrick Line on Monday night created a stir until Montreal.

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“If you win your battles and work as hard as you can, you’ll be fine with ‘Torts’,” Canadians forward Josh Anderson commented briefly when asked about the situation in a video conference on Tuesday.

Keep in mind that the line fell to the “John Torrella method” with a 3-2 draw at the hands of the Blue Jackets over the Carolina Hurricanes. Quebecker bench lined up in the sixth minute of the second period, recently acquired from Winnipeg Jets in a trade involving Pierre-Luke Dubois.

Tortorella, who does not have the best relationship with Dubois, has his own way and seeks continuous effort throughout the game. The command is clear and do not hesitate to punish those who violate the “mistakes” rule.

Was Anderson benched by Tortorella when he was in Columbus?

“Oh, so many times!” The Canadians answered ahead.

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