March 25, 2023

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The attack on the Capitol appears to have been largely planned

The attack on the Capitol appears to have been largely planned

(Washington) Beverly Hills Hairdresser responded to a tweet by Donald Trump calling his millions of subscribers to the “big protest” in Washington on January 6. “Come on, it’s insane! He said.

Paul Handley
France Media Agency

“We’ll be there,” Gina Bisignano promised.

Meanwhile, two leaders of the Ultra-Nationalist group Proud Boys are preparing plans for January 6th.

Ethan Nordian appealed for funding to buy defense and communications equipment from his home in Washington State (northwest), while in Florida, Enrique Tarrio called on his supporters to dress in black and prepare for war.

“It’s serious,” Tario said. “We are at war”.

At the beginning of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, deposits and evidence gathered by the American legal system show that the attack was premeditated.

In the ranks of the Proud Boys, in the anti-government militia of the sworn-in, in the followers of the QAnon conspiracy movement, and in the supporters of Donald Trump, the message is weeks in advance: the president you need to block from Congress is confirming Joe Biden’s election victory.

“It heats up”

Following Donald Trump’s tweet, it was announced that many of the former president’s loyalists were planning to visit Washington. Some wanted to take part in the pro-Trump final protest, while others wanted to prevent ballot verification and punish Congress’ “traitors”.

Several dozen of them were wearing combat helmets, Tazer type stun guns, bullet proof vests, and aggression resistant aerosols. Some of them have guns.

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The previous day, home-made bombs had been dropped in front of two buildings near the capital. The bombs never exploded and may have been intended to keep police away from the Capitol before the attack.

According to court documents, the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers consisted of militia, ex-military and ex-police.

In late December, in Berryville, 100 kilometers west of Washington, Thomas Caldwell, described as the “commander” of the oath-takers, called on his supporters to join a preparatory meeting in the American capital suburb.

“Let them try to verify this shit on Capitol Hill when there are a million patriots on the streets,” he wrote on Facebook. “It warms up”.

“You have to hit them and crush them,” he added.

Attack the Capitol

Kenneth Grayson, 51, a pro-Queen conspirator and proud boy member of Bridgeville, Pa., Was also prepared.

On December 23, according to legal documents, he texted his family and friends that “I would be here if Trump told me to attack this Capitol crap.” […] They will not steal this election ”.

On December 29, William Calhoun of Georgia posted on Facebook that “being physically in Washington on January 6” was of “critical importance.”

“People have no other real choice to let us know our intention to demand fair elections now and in the future. Otherwise,” he warned.

A week later, he announced that he was going to Washington “to let them know this is their last chance” to correct the fraud. “Otherwise, they will have big problems. ”

“We’re done!”

On the morning of January 6, Ronnie Sandlin of Memphis, Tennessee (south) and Nathan Degrave of Las Vegas (west) created a video of their projects.

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“I think the time to take the capital is approaching, I will not say it lightly,” Mr. Sandlin said. “If we have to occupy the Capitol, we will occupy the Capitol. Everything will be decided at 1 p.m.”

In the aftermath of the attack, the rioters filmed themselves trying to succeed and posted videos on Facebook.

“Today we, the American people, have proved that we have power,” said lawyer William Calhoun.

Two Proud Boys, Nicholas Ochs of Hawaii and Nicholas DeCarlo of Texas, broadcast the video live from Capitol.

“We’re here to prevent theft,” Ochs said during the election.

“I came for it. And we did! Nicholas Dicarlo added.