July 5, 2022

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The misfortune of the “lawyer” during a virtual hearing in Texas

The misfortune of the "lawyer" during a virtual hearing in Texas

A lawyer in Texas had the misfortune of appearing as a cat during a videoconference hearing with a judge, making the story hilarious on social media.

In the video, attorney Rod Ponton can be seen, activating the chat filter of the zoom video conferencing tool and scrambling to explain the situation to a compassionate judge.

“I believe you have the filter activated,” Judge Roy Ferguson said at first.

Rod Ponton, out of his anxious white cat, asks him out loud: “Judge, can you hear me?” “

“I heard you, I think it was a filter …” the judge replied.

“It is,” the cat confirms. “And I don’t know how to tease it. I have my assistant here, she tries, but I (…) am ready to move on. I am not a cat, ”the lawyer objected.

Despite the challenges presented by Kovid-19, the judge, who sent a tweet a few hours later emphasizing the dedication of the judiciary to the incident, assured that “I can see it”.

“If I could make the country laugh for a moment, I’m glad it happened at my own expense during these difficult times (…),” Rod Ponton told several American media outlets.

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