May 25, 2022

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Festival | Four Quebec directors at the South by the South West

Festival |  Four Quebec directors at the South by the South West

Four Quebec directors are part of the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival, part of which will be fully unveiled on Wednesday afternoon.

Andre DuchesneAndre Duchesne

At the world premiere, the actress and director (theater) will present her short film ve St. Louis Crossing (Travel) In which she plays the lead role of Chantale.

After a study trip to France, Chantale returns from vacation to visit his mother and sister in Quebec. But, to her surprise, she has a confusing relationship with him, who offers to come to greet her at the airport and bring her to her destination. However, this journey can be very confusing and when her father drops out of the course, Chantale realizes his grip on her and has to act accordingly.

“Writing and directing this film is my first experience. This world premiere on SXSW is amazing news. I live with beautiful surprises at the same time, ”the actress told us in a telephone interview.

The film also stars Claude Lauro and Catherine Chabot.

After launching his short film on January 28th Big slaps (Just like the ones I need to know) At Sundance, Annie is at St.-Pierre SXSW with a similar image, which looks like Mr.To me Camping on vacation in St. Louis.

According to Julie (Lilo Roy-Lanout), the book tells the story of her father, Denise (Steve Laplante), who has the opportunity to move in with her ex – spouse.

The film also went through the prestigious Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival in France.

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In addition, in the virtual film competition section, we noticed the presence of the second part Advance From Serie Space Explorers: ISS Experience. Filmed on the International Orbit Station, the film was produced by Felix Lazunes, who co-wrote the screenplay with Paul Raphael.

The film has a world premiere.

> Read our report on the release of the first part of Space Explorers: ISS Experience By Felix & Paul Studios in collaboration with Time Studios

Photo provided by Cousin Films

Actors Sebastian Chasagne and Maxim Roy give the characters and voices to the characters of the first two parts of the project.

Finally, producer and director Ziad Touma proposed the project in a similar category The Passengers: Her & Him At the International Premiere, after visiting the New Images section of the Forum des Images in Paris.

Written by Yaco (Jean-Christophe Yacono) and Camille Duvelroy, this co-produced virtual reality between France and Canada is an interactive fictional experience where spectators help four passengers from the train weather their internal storms. .

“With the help of our voice and our gestures, we can get into the heads of the characters and influence each person’s story,” said Ziad Touma, who, among other things, produced the film. Directory of Missing Towns Denise Cote and documentary Dreamers of cities De Joseph Hillel.

At SXSW, the first two installments of four ten-minute shorts will be screened. These include actors Maxim Roy and Sebastian Chasagne. Evelyn Istria and Ethan Bergua-Isidore star in two more upcoming films.

This 28E The festival edition takes place from March 16 to 20. Like all major current cultural events, it takes place online. Details:

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