May 18, 2022

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Joe Biden and Xi Jinping measure each other in a marathon exchange

Joe Biden et Xi Jinping se serrent la main.

Here [mercredi] In the evening, I spent two hours on the phone without interruption with Xi Jinping, A new White House tenant from the Oval Office said Thursday he was willing to stand firm against Beijing.

If we do nothing they will crush usHe said this at the end of an unusually long exchange between the leaders of two major world powers.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Uyghur Muslim Minority: According to a US executive report, Joe Biden is sharper than Donald Trump and expressed his views on the sensitive issues of the moment. Deep concerns On the issue of human rights.

And, surprisingly, the response from a strong man in Beijing has been strong.

According to Chinese state media, Xi was asked to send his U.S. counter China’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity.

The United States must respect and cherish China’s fundamental interests, They stressed.

A sensitive issue of the Uyghur minority

Since coming to power, Joe Biden and his team have increased the number of warnings on the Uyghur issue.

According to experts, more than a million of them are being held in political re-education camps in Xinjiang.

This vast semi-desert region bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan is under police surveillance.

Beijing has rejected the term Camps And certifies that they are vocational training centers, intended to provide employment to the population and to deter them from religious terrorism.

A policy similar to that of Donald Trump?

In the rhetoric used by the previous administration, Joe Biden also condemned economic practices, according to the White House. Unfair and coercive From Beijing.

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If Biden clearly demonstrates his desire to break with Donald Trump’s foreign policy, US-China trade relations could, in essence, be part of a continuation with his predecessor.

A new administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the new team He shared with his predecessors the desire to stand firm for Beijing In Strategic competition Between two great powers.

However, she was targeted Real problems It has to do with how the Trump administration has approached this competition. For example, Weakening of alliances Or from America The vacuum remains in the international institutions that China has filled.

The official reiterated on Wednesday that a customs tax on Chinese products that Trump has kept in the presidency is currently in effect and a comprehensive review of U.S. trade strategy is pending.

We have not made a decision on this file, He hammer. There will be changes in our trade policy towards China, but they are not immediate and we are not eliminating customs taxes at this time.He emphasized the need for the White House to develop this strategy With regard to the Allies.

Intense competition

In an interview aired on CBS on Sunday, Joe Biden argues that enmity between the United States and China is taking the form of a Intense competition, Assuring he wants to avoid one Conflict Between the two countries.

When asked about his Chinese counter, he stated: He is very difficult. He does not exist, and I am not criticizing it, it is a fact, he has no ounces of democracy..

I don’t handle it like Trump, He he said; He said he learned more Very good Xi Jinping, as Vice President of Barack Obama between 2009 and 2017, had several hours of private talks with him.

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Elected officials have called for a boycott of the Beijing Games

During this first call, Joe Biden appealed for a more pragmatic approach to issues such as the climate neglected by his predecessor.

According to a U.S. official who spoke before the call between the two leaders, Joe Biden did not intend to discuss It is likely to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

American elected officials introduced a draft resolution to the Senate in early February asking the International Olympic Committee to withdraw the Olympic Games organization from China. Its gross human rights violation.