May 28, 2022

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“It’s back to us” – Dominic Ducharm

"It's back to us" - Dominic Ducharm

This time, Dominic Ducharm’s men did not crack. Even those who set the pace for most of the meeting. Unfortunately, they had to look for a keeper in great shape.

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Despite the 41 shots, most of them were of good quality and the Canadian Connor had to settle for a single point against the Hellebook and Winnipeg jets.

“I believe in the honesty of the game a lot. In general, working out, trying and performing as well as we did this evening will give results. I’m sure it’s coming back to us for a while in the season. .

At the very least, the new head coach of the Canadians was able to draw many positive aspects from this game. There were several transitions and counterattacks in the five units. The involvement of defenders also helped to increase speed by increasing exit options.

“We applied the things we were talking about for three days. We immediately saw the impact on our game. We saw that confidence increased as the game progressed, he analyzed. We also applied some things that we did not yet have time to practice. I’re really happy.”

3 on 3 issues

In the third period the jets filled their hands, pushing the Canadian machine. In the final 20 minutes, the Montreals took a 14-2 lead in shots on goal.

The worst time lasted only 36 seconds. Also, tiebreakers are not a strength for Canadians. Since last year, he has missed 14 instances in overtime or shootouts. Blue jackets are only worse.

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This season, it was the third time in several attempts that the Hubs had conceded defeat in overtime.

“Three against three, the most important thing is to find the player. We’ve worked on this many times. It’s literally one. Once you find your man, you have to constantly follow him. This is where we get in trouble. Someone loses their person, comes back or is 2-on-1” Explained Jeff Petrie.

The second most used player by Ducharm (21:11), Petrie did not have his best outing. His two unnecessary penalties in the second period broke the Canadians’ pace somewhat. The first ended a massive attack. The second is spending a goal.