May 23, 2022

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Know the vaccine passport Quebec Journal

Know the vaccine passport  Quebec Journal

We learned on Thursday through the efforts of journalists that the government is considering setting up a vaccine passport. Minister Christian Dubey is excited that technology will make it possible to vaccinate frequent visitors to restaurants, bars and sports halls.

We quickly put the table on the pot, explaining through the voice of the press attachment- this vaccination certificate wants to enter the territory of countries where only cubers are needed.

This policy must be certified by a politician and other use of the vaccine passport must be officially prohibited if necessary.


Discrimination against Cubans based on the order of preference in the vaccination schedule opens the door to this proposal. Already, the Chambers of Commerce are appreciative of the idea of ​​serving those who have been vaccinated, while those waiting for their dose at home will remain there. The same thing happens to those who cannot be vaccinated because of their immune status.

This idea may also be unnecessary as the vaccine protects everything from the severe forms of the disease, indicating everything that does not block the carrier and transmission. Surveys show that 74% of Cubans would like to be vaccinated, which is growing rapidly and will increase further when the dose is reached and injected without significant complications.

Throw the key!

There is no reason to believe that such action is necessary to encourage people to be vaccinated. In contrast, the idea is a big “ah-ha!” Brings water only to the conspiratorial mill that sees as. Since the beginning of the epidemic our leaders have been exhibiting all the malicious intentions they thought they had found.

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Really, this idea should be locked and the key thrown and it is imperative. By the end of the marathon it would be better if our health officials did not bother with such nonsensical public discussion.