May 29, 2022

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Live | The first speech by Donald Trump after leaving the White House

Live |  The first speech by Donald Trump after leaving the White House

Former US President Donald Trump is speaking publicly for the first time since leaving the White House as part of the U.S. Conservatives’ annual high mass in Orlando, Florida.

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Four years after Trump took office, Republicans have lost control of Congress and the White House.

Former President infamous for inciting rebellion in attack on Capitol (“impeachment”).

Mr Trump was finally acquitted in his Senate hearing in mid-February. But historically, seven Republicans voted in favor of his belief.

On Sunday, one of them publicly refuted the idea that Donald Trump would be the Republican presidential candidate again in 2024: “If we worship one person, we will lose,” Senator Bill Cassidy warned on CNN.

Other Republicans in 2024 include Senators Josh Howley, Tom Cotton, South Dakota Governor Christie Noam or former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Everyone knows about the electoral strength of the president who came to power by creating the greatest surprise in modern political history.

If he retires as former president in Florida, Donald Trump will have the support of millions of Republican voters and will not interfere in party affairs.

And he, who also lost from his Twitter account, still wants to prove that he can make and break careers on the right side.

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