May 18, 2022

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The king madman emptied his heart and said, “Everyone talks about it.”

The king madman emptied his heart and said, "Everyone talks about it."

16 and a half years later ” Hot seat “, Insulting comments about him on social media came out well from” Kings madness ” Everyone talks about it, Danny Turkot was revealed for the last time on Sunday’s show.

“I’m fed up with this hatred,” Mr Turcot said, inviting him to publicly explain his resignation to Radio-Canada’s popular Sunday show. In his last part, he was emotional at times, explaining that the insults the comedian had created on social media had damaged his courage and pushed him towards exit.

“I’ve been here for 16 and a half years Hot seat [sur la sellette], Polarization post, I have 4.5 such cases per season‌. I was nonsense for 5, 6 days. […] My helmet is full of them, ”said Danny Turkot, who took just five minutes to write his resignation letter.

Insults abound

The former king’s madman gave some examples of the insulting comments he received through social networks, including a message from a troll saying “ropes are for sale at Rona”, along with other messages of natural homosexuality.

“I feel like we’re going to do something with social media. I really have a problem. I think I can give lessons from elementary school, how to deal with social media, because in life you can not walk around, then look at the people next door and say” Decalis, le fife. “

Comedian Danny Turcotte announced two weeks ago that he would definitely resign from the show, saying he was “distracted” by the controversy caused by a joke he made on the set of the show. In a previous program, co-host Mamadi III asked Farah Kamara, the man who falsely accused a police officer of attempted murder after he was arrested for a routine traffic check: “Are you going to use a cell phone again? Are you flying? Danny Turkot, who quickly apologized, replied that he had never used his phone and that the joke did not go well with the public.

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“I, in my family, we play with humor. Of all the worst plays in our lives, the first reaction is to make jokes. I thought I would make him smile to remind me of the origin of this affair, ”he explained Sunday, returning to the controversy.

Faith was shaken

The king’s madman lost faith in his role in the reviews, he explained, and explained that he needed to stick his tongue out of his mouth 15 times before making a joke. In the absence of an audience, during the epidemic, all the hypocrisy seemed to flatten out.

“I thought it was -40 in the studio. When I told a joke it’s like ice cream coming out of my mouth.”

The interview continued with the broadcast of Danny Turcotte’s best interventions at Everyone talks about it, Along with the revelation of his homosexuality, including the time he received the kiss from the current prime minister Justin Trudeau. Next he prepared a card to mark his departure from the show on Sunday.

In the emotional moment, the Lపేpez-Turquoise duo stressed the importance of the co-host’s theme of homosexuality, recalling instances where the king’s madman mocked his sexuality on set. His ” Coming out In 2005, it provoked a wave of sympathy from the public. “It’s like coming out of shame, I say to myself, I’m like that. “

Host Guy A. Lepez is alone at the helm of the Sunday television show from the events and will remain so at least until the end of the season.