June 29, 2022

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Inappropriate behavior | A third woman has accused the New York governor

Inappropriate behavior |  A third woman has accused the New York governor

(New York) A third woman on Monday accused the New York state governor of misconduct, further weakening the position of this powerful elected Democrat who is already facing charges of sexual harassment by two former associates.

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This young woman, Anna Ruch, 33, has never been his partner New York Times At a wedding in Andrew Cuomo 2019, he asked if he could kiss her.

“I was very confused and shocked and embarrassed,” she told the newspaper. “I turned my head and did not speak.”

The testimony has sparked more criticism than ever for the 63-year-old governor since he became the national star of pandemic management in 2020.

This is in line with the statements of her former financial adviser Lindsay Boylan, 36, who said on Wednesday that the governor had kissed her on the undesirable mouth and suggested that she play strip poker with him. Charlotte Bennett, a 25-year-old former co-worker who worked with him between 2015 and 2018, pointed out on Saturday that the governor had made progress for her in the spring of 2020, when she was “uncomfortable”.

Mr Cuomo, one of the most powerful American governors, tried on Sunday to calm down the storm that had raised the allegations, saying his former colleagues had “misinterpreted it as an unwanted flirtation” by saying “sorry”.

Having run New York State for 10 years, he assured me that he never wanted to make progress for them, only wanted to “joke” or “tease”.

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“Insulting” excuses

But New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has a very difficult relationship with the governor, ruled that it was not an “apology.”

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Bill de Blasio

“It’s like he said ‘I’m kidding,’ but sexual harassment is not funny. He seemed blameless because he looked so horrible to the women involved,” Meyer said.

A group of former parliamentary aides who condemned the harassment in a sexual harassment working group in the New York state parliament also considered the governor’s apology for “refusing to accept his responsibilities” as “insulting”.

On Monday evening, Charlotte Bennett was quoted as saying that the governor’s words were derived from “a man who uses his power to prevent justice.” New York Times.

“I’m with you, Anna Ruch,” she tweeted. “His aggressive and abusive behavior is not justifiable.” Lindsay Boylan also expressed her solidarity with the third accused in a tweet.

Some New York-elected officials, including the Democratic majority, are calling for Mr. Cuomo’s resignation, whose third term ends at the end of 2022, and the two-room leaders are currently away, with the results of the investigation into the allegations pending.

“We will wait for the report, but in the end I believe we have to do something. The question remains whether the governor can continue (to occupy his office),” the Democratic Baron of the New York Senate said Monday. , Mike Gianris, in NY1.

State Attorney Letitia James confirmed Monday that Mr Cuomo had finally agreed to hand over investigative responsibilities to her, initially proposing to a former judge he knew well.

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The results will be revealed in a public reportTo me James, not to mention how quickly.