May 22, 2022

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Dominic Ducharm was fascinated by Joel Army

Dominic Ducharm was fascinated by Joel Army

Montreal Canadians head coach Dominic Ducharm wants Joel to make full use of the Army’s potential.

In his view, the big Finnish striker has not yet shown the full range of his skills to the general public.

Last Thursday, in Ducharm’s first game as interim head coach, Armea gave a glimpse of his prowess by scoring two goals 6-3 at the hands of the Winnipeg Jets.

“I really like his ability,” Ducharm said Tuesday morning when contacted by Ottawa senators. His skills may not be known to the public, especially the quality of his hands and what he can do with the puck. We have lights sometimes. And you combine his skills with his body. He is also a strong man. ”

After 308 games in the National Hockey League, the Army’s talent was not misunderstood or misunderstood by fans. This is essentially a question of stability according to CH’s pilot.

“People who have seen him up close know his skills,” Ducharm said. Some, he is very dominant and others, you will see him withdraw more. Our goal is to reduce the difference between the two. With consistency, the numbers follow. He has the skills to create plays and score goals. ”

Watch Ducharm’s press briefing in the video above.

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