May 21, 2022

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Emergency services sank in Boss-Saint-Laurent

Emergency services sank in Boss-Saint-Laurent

Strong winds and accompanying snow over Boss-Saint-Laurent kept emergency services in the area very busy Monday evening.

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“We had the biggest night of the season! It’s good, and the tugboat Tony de Anjou has been released to TVA Novels.

The Remarquez Provincial Jacques de Anjou company has recorded about a hundred calls since Monday evening.

“And it will not improve because when the roads reopen they will be covered with snow,” Mr de Anjou warned.

A Certe du Quebec (SQ) spokesman for eastern Quebec confirmed Monday evening that there had been “too many departures from off-road and congested vehicles”.

In Boss-Saint-Laurent‌, Highway 20 is still closed in the afternoon in both directions between Riviere-du-Loop and Notre-Dame-des-Niges, but also between Mont-Jolie and the Big Sector.

Route 132 is closed between Riviere-du-Loop and Mont-Jolie, as well as between Matane and Grande-Riviere in Gaspace.

Environment Canada issued a snow warning for the Mont-Jolie and Remoski areas, with strong northwesterly winds of up to 70 km / hr on Tuesday.

These strong winds, combined with light snow from Monday, created gusts of snow, with low visibility in places.

For full details on road conditions, contact the website of Minister des Transport (MTQ).

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