May 19, 2022

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Municipal elections | The lawyer hopes to create a third route in Montreal

Municipal elections |  The lawyer hopes to create a third route in Montreal

The former president of Montreal’s Young Chamber of Commerce seeks to create a third way between Valerie Plante and Denise Coderre by relying on his contacts in the business community. Tap.

Philip Teissira-LessardPhilip Teissira-Lessard

Ryan Hillier, a 34-year-old lawyer, wants to follow in the footsteps of Melanie Jolie, who surprised in 2013 by waging a hot fight against already established political stars.

Mr. Hillier also runs the same mount as Mr.To me Jolie: The political structure she gave herself to attacking City Hall eight years ago wants to be the True Change leader for Montreal. The party has not been elected since 2017, but is still a relatively strong launch site with activists, budget and administrative structure.

Joined Tap, Hosted by young professional suspense.

“I am touched by the encouragement I received to run for mayor of Montreal and it is a privilege to have my name circulated in connection with such a critical task for the future of our city,” he announced via email before explaining his final decision. However, according to our information, he assured the relatives that he would try his luck.

“It’s one thing’s definitely said: the Montreallers starred in Denise Coderrere and Valerie Plante, and they came out disappointed,” he said.

Justin McIntyre, interim head of Wry Change for Montreal, confirmed that the lawyer had told her of his interest. “Different people have expressed interest. Ryan Hillier is one of those people,” she said in a phone interview. “I welcome this kind of profile. […] He has a vision that fits the party vision exactly. ”

She explained that True Change for Montreal is based on the values ​​of centrism and cross-party consultation, but that the next leader can decide what projects are needed for the fall election campaign.

He has an acquaintance with Coderre

By entering into municipal politics, Ryan Hillier sidelined McCarthy, the law firm he founded after his career with Tetralt and Blakes, Novalex. Novalex, which has about 20 lawyers, provides one hour of free legal services every hour.

“I took up this profession because I wanted to have a social impact and participate in changes in society, but in big offices, it was an endless quest for profit at all costs,” he explained. Tap In 2017.

In addition, he led Montreal’s Junior Chamber of Commerce from 2014-2015.

He has already introduced himself to various implications in the political world: he was a candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada on the South Coast in 2008, created an organization called Zero Corruption in the heights of the illegal political financing scandal, and in 2009, then participated in the Coalition d’Venir Quebec.

According to relatives, Mr. Hillier hopes to count on the support of business people who oppose Valerie Plante’s vision, even focusing on the lives of neighbors for their taste, but frustrated with Denise Coder’s attitude. The latter has not yet formalized the mayoral candidacy.

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The former mayor of Montreal knows 30-something. “We are sitting together on the Michael Ignatif Advisory Committee in Quebec,” he explained to the newspaper. Contracts In 2014, when Mr. Coder launched his command. He said he had contact with Mr. Coderre until he was elected mayor. He was met at events by the Jewish General Hospital Foundation, where his wife was the director of development and Denise Coder, ambassador.