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Pyrone gaming: “Yakuza”, like the dragon in the PlayStation 5

Pyrone gaming: "Yakuza", like the dragon in the PlayStation 5

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Four months after coming to the PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and Series X, Ichiban Kasuga and his team are back on PlayStation 5 from Tuesday, March 2 with Yakuza as Dragon. Juicy adaptation of this seventh installment of the famous Sega franchise, which makes full use of the power of Sony’s new machine.

Faster and more beautiful

Subtitled entirely in French, it offers real comfort to the player and elevates the edition of this game to the level it was released on the Xbox Series X last November. Either way, this is the best way to take advantage of this immersive experience in the heart of today’s Japan.

In addition to having much faster loading times compared to the PS4 and Xbox One X versions, this version allows you to choose between two graphics modes. The first is compatible with the display and allows a 4kg resolution for a fixed framerate at 30 frames per second (FPS). Second, it raises the frame rate to 60 FPS but blocks resolution at 1440p.

However, it takes a trained eye to see the differences and the experience in both cases is excellent. Unlike very rare exceptions, slowing down should not disrupt the game and scenes between the exploration and combat stages should be interrupted, which is a real pleasure for the player.

The good news for owners of the PlayStation 4 version of the title is that they can update the game for free on the PS5 for free. Please note: It is not possible to transfer your saved data between PS4 and PS5 versions. Too bad, if you started the game on previous generation consoles, you need to restart.

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The new hero

For the rest, it’s identical and the title of the studios for Goto as Rue is still unbelievable. This seventh episode represents a real revolution with a new hero, but also a clever, fast and demonic effective combat system.

The series leaves Camuroche District (copy of Kabuchiko District, Tokyo) for Yokohama. We play Yakuza, Ichiban Kasuga, who was released from prison eighteen years for a murder he did not commit. Rejected by his old clan when he was released from prison, he tries to make a name for himself and understands what has happened since then. In the scenario, the protagonist forms friendships with different characters, whose thickness and brilliance regularly remind us that Yakuza Like a Dragon is a great game.

From the first minutes we get caught up in this atmosphere where humor is ubiquitous. As we enter the (actually) arcade room to play Sega classics like Virtual Fighter we also quickly get accustomed to this Japanese atmosphere where you can easily taste the ramen in the restaurant. The life of this Yokohama is rich and gives the player the experience of traveling in contemporary Japan in the fifty hours required for the game.

A trip to modern Japan

As the previous Opus has already done, Yakuza is a true photograph of Japanese society. Featuring the red light districts of Tokyo and Yokohama, the title inspires both the brothel, street life and the world of soap lands. Yakuza Like a Dragon is also involved in politics and is sometimes associated with organized crime in particular.

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The title is undeniable in the major games that come along with the next generation consoles. Often clever, regularly exciting and sometimes very funny, Yakuza Like a Dragon should make a date and stand alone as part of a new generation of consoles.

Dragon-like Yakuza, Sega, 59.99. Various tests of the game took place on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

In short

You’ll love Yakuza as a dragon on the PlayStation 5

  • You like the vibe of gangster movies.
  • You like old school RPGs.
  • You have the Next-Gen console, but no games to eat.
  • You like games that do not take themselves seriously.

You don’t like Yakuza like the dragon in the PlayStation 5

  • You do not like video games.
  • You started it on the PS4 and therefore need to repeat everything on the PS5.

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