May 25, 2022

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Big Brother Celebrities: Feel good

Big Brother Celebrities: Feel good

The main alliance of Big Brother Celebrity Weeks go by and the audience that looks the same starts to get really upset. This unexpected victory for Kevin over the vet’s challenge to save Camille and thwart his allies’ plans brings some action to the show.

So people are surprised with this new turn. The audience will not hide their surprise at Kevin’s success. The only person who can solve the most difficult riddle presented by Big Brother is a muscular teenager.

While fans of the reality show expect Camille to be on the show to spice up the game, they are disappointed with her attitude in the final challenge. Rather than focusing on understanding the narrative, she was crying that she did not understand what to do.

Kevin also recalls having a frustrating behavior during recent discussions. Emmanuel, who left adventure last Sunday, recently told us things we have not seen about his crisis. Read all this here.

While Camille has long been disliked by the audience, it seems that Kim has now become the main enemy. People expect her not to make it to the finals.

Below are some comments from internet users after the recent turnaround.

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