May 23, 2022

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Jonathan Vance Case | The allegations were mentioned in an email from the Ministry of Defense

Jonathan Vance Case |  The allegations were mentioned in an email from the Ministry of Defense

(Ottawa) A recent email appears in support of former military ombudsman Gary Wallbourne’s claim that he informed Defense Minister Harjeet Sajjan that he had sexually abused then – Chief of Defense Jonathan Vance three years ago.

Lee Bertiam
The Canadian Press

A brief email was sent by Zita Ostravas – then Chief of Staff of Mr. Sajjan – to Mr. Walborne on March 5, 2018. Four days after the date was stated by Mr Walborne, the minister said he had informed the defense of the allegations. Commander of the army during the “enemy meeting”.

Referring to the conversation between Mr. Walborne and an officer in the Privy Council office.To me Ostravas wrote: “I hope you will raise the governor in the council appointment allegations you raised with the minister.”

Council appointments are high-level appointments made by the governor’s federal cabinet. Om thoughTo me Ostravas did not give any details about the nature of the allegation or the persons involved, the Chief of Defense Staff making such an appointment.

This email was received under the Information Access Act by the Canadian Press.

When asked on Thursday whether the allegation in question affected Mr. Vance or whether the Minister had made allegations against another representative appointed by the Governor to the Council on Thursday, Mr. Walborne only replied: “I believe this is embodied in my testimony. ”

Walborne testified before the House of Commons Defense Committee on Wednesday about his closed-door meeting with Minister Sajjan on the 1st.Is March 2018. The former ombudsman said he had informed Mr Sajjan of the allegations made against Mr Vance.

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Mr Walborne told the committee that Sajjan had refused to consider supporting evidence, instead referring the case to the Privy Council’s office, the prime minister’s and the cabinet ‘s support department.

The former ombudsman said Sajjan had referred the matter to the Privy Council office despite the minister’s request to keep the matter secret.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signaled on Friday that Sajjan had acted properly and that without further details, nothing more could be done with the allegations.

Photo by Blair Gable, Reuters

Justin Trudeau said Friday that he only became aware of specific allegations involving Mr. Vance through the Global News Report.

“The ombudsman did not provide adequate information to the authorities until these allegations could be pursued, but we will always try to resolve it responsibly,” Trudeau told the conference. Press conference in Ottawa.

“Women and men serving in the Canadian Armed Forces or anywhere in Canada need to know that when they raise concerns and allegations, they are heard, they are heard and they have a process of independent assessment and assurance about the review of their allegations,” he said.

Trudeau said he was “only aware of specific allegations” involving Mr Vance through the Global News Report.

Walbourne declined to give details of the allegations he raised at the meeting to the committee, saying it was his duty to maintain confidentiality. Global News alleges that Mr. Vance sent a sexually explicit email to a junior military officer in 2012.

Mr Sajjan declined to confirm to the committee last month when he first learned of the potential misconduct by Mr Vance and said he was as shocked as everyone else when Global first reported the allegations against the former defense personnel in February.

Photo by Sean Kilpatrick, archives of the Canadian Press

Defense Minister Harjeet Sajjan

The officer with whom M.To me Ostrawas suggested in a 2018 email that Mr. Walborne raise the allegation. Deputy Cabinet Secretary Janin Sherman also declined to discuss the allegations and how they were handled.

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However, she told the committee that the Privy Council office “had no information at the time, which would allow us to take action.”

Global’s report alleges that Mr. Vance has an ongoing relationship with a subordinate, which began a decade ago and continued even after he was appointed Chief of Defense Staff in 2015 – when he pledged to eradicate sexual misconduct from the armed forces.

The report also reported allegations that Mr Vance had sent an email to another minor servant in 2012, suggesting they go to a clothing optional resort.

Mr. Vance did not respond to repeated interview requests from the Canadian press and the allegations against him were not independently confirmed. Global reports that Mr. Vance has denied any wrongdoing.

Military police have launched an investigation. Minister Sajjan also promised a separate and independent investigation, but it has not yet been launched.

Mr. Sajjan’s spokesman Todd Lane declined to comment on Mr M’s email on Thursday.To me Ostravas, and instead the Minister issued a written statement repeating the previous argument that he “disagreed with parts of the evidence (Mr. Walborne) that took place in the Committee”.

Mr. Trudeau was asked Friday if he would extend Mr Vance’s tenure if he was aware of the allegations against him. The prime minister has said he will not answer a question.

“What I am saying is that a strong, serious and rigorous investigation is underway and we are moving forward with other measures to build structures that will give Canadians more confidence in their support for bringing about survival and cultural change in the military and elsewhere,” he said.

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