December 6, 2023

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“We do not vaccinate to please the government,” maintains Martin Hirsch

"We do not vaccinate to please the government," maintains Martin Hirsch

Immunization is a government priority To combat the coronavirus epidemic, it claimed more than 87,000 victims in France. 135,000 doses of anticoagulant vaccines were assigned 23 priority sections, Kept under better surveillance. Paris Hospitals (AP-HP) Director General Martin Hirsch is optimistic about the progress of the vaccine, at the same time A personal responsibility.

The consent of the guardians has been discussed in recent weeks, with some showing “reluctance”. In this case, Martin Hirsch recalled it“We do not vaccinate to please the government” : “We vaccinate against coronavirus to protect ourselves and our loved ones,” he recalled. He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations. “This is a public health operation”. “We try to persuade caregivers as much as possible” and “I understand that vaccination is mandatory”, As proposed by Emmanuel Macron.

Director General Hospitals in Paris It also indicates that its teams will govern. “The vaccine is 14,000 doses Astrogenica By Sunday evening “. The campaign mainly targets health professionals and those over 50 with risk factors.

According to Martin Hirsch, the vaccine already bears fruit, especially among medical professionals over the age of 50, “those who have been vaccinated the most”. “In three weeks, there has been a very noticeable reduction in pollution.”, He was delighted.

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