December 4, 2022

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Grand Estate. The Mars Blue campaign was launched in the Grand Estate area

Grand Estate.  The Mars Blue campaign was launched in the Grand Estate area

Mars Blue, traditionally dedicated to colorectal cancer screening, wants to mobilize more this year than ever before as the Kovid Crisis 2020 campaigns are plagued with the consequences of delays in diagnosis and treatment.

In the Grand Estate area, nearly 1.7 million people are affected by this screening: men and women aged 50 to 74, invited by a letter from health insurance once every two years. In the 2018-2019 campaign, 39.3% of this population answered the call. The rate above the national average (30.5%) is not enough to bend the mortality curve of this cancer, for which 43,000 new cases are diagnosed in France every year. While the hot-rin and bass-rin stand very broadly at 45.1% and 43.9%, the equation will rise, while Mozelle is at 35%, Voges at 41.6%, Mirthe- and Mozelle at 38.1% and Mouse at 36.7%.

17,000 deaths each year

“Colorectal cancer often develops at first without symptoms or detectable signs. As a result, it is sometimes diagnosed late and requires massive treatment. Regular testing can help detect the cancer at an early stage in its development or to detect dangerous lesions before it develops into cancer.” The regional health agency recalls that the cancer kills 17,000 people in France each year, although in 90% of cases it is diagnosed when it is diagnosed, with a single stool sample using a stick to keep it in an airtight tube, which should be withdrawn from the attending physician.

Virtual campaign

Family behaviors, es arrhythmias, eating behaviors (high consumption of red meat, high calorie diet, etc.), alcohol, tobacco consumption, physical inactivity, etc. are risk factors for colorectal cancer.

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During this month of March, many awareness raising and information activities will be provided. Virtual to the majority. Nancy CHRU and the Cancer League (Registration Required: [email protected]), like the live broadcast of the groups on Monday, March 22, from 6 to 7:45 pm, at Wheelers-Los-Nancy’s Connected Pedestrian Tour (www. or the journey to the heart of the colon offered by the League Against Cancer on its site (