March 21, 2023

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Just a tax return is a matter of course

Just a tax return is a matter of course

The feature of Quebec country compared to other Canadian provinces should not have two tax revenues.

As a Quebecker who has worked for 10 years on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, I have always found it ridiculous that we copy paperwork in this way. Making life easier for Quebecs should be a priority for all politicians working in the federal scene.

In 2018 …

In early 2018, at the request of then-Conservative leader Andrew Scheer with colleagues, we worked to arrange a major tour of Quebec – Quebecs listening. For many months, Mr. Shearer and his political lieutenant, Alain Reyes, traveled all over Quebec for Quebec.

Through these consultations, participants mentioned many good ideas. Thus, Mr Skier decided to announce on June 25, 2018 that the Conservative government under his leadership would implement a single tax report.

A few months later, after the CAQ election, Mr. Sheer met with Mr. Legalt వైపు on the Quebec side. As soon as Mr. Legalt spotted Mr. Skier in the long hall leading to his office, Mr. Legalt stated that he greatly appreciated the position of the Conservative leader on the issue of a single tax return.

This promise made by Mr. Scheer was unanimously adopted at the Members’ Congress in Halifax in August 2018 and is on the platform for the Conservative election for the 2019 election campaign.

The following …

We know the final campaign results. By getting a new mandate, this time in the minority, we know that Justin Trudeau’s liberals are not pushing a single tax report.

Last fall, Black Cubacois introduced the bill (C-224) proposed by Mr. Legalt and proposed by Mr. Scheer in 2018.

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In general, the Conservatives of Erin O Tool should support the bill. However, they decided to do so in a parliamentary committee this week by abstaining from voting.

It is true that the Black Bill is not perfect. However, it was interesting to see MPs from all parties working together to improve this.

Black set a trap for the Conservatives and they fell into it. When you form a formal opposition you are sure to avoid the traps of your opponents to succeed.

On social media, Richard Martell, a Conservative political lieutenant for Quebec, reiterated after the vote on the committee that his party was in favor of the idea: “The Conservative Party supports a single tax report for Quebec. “

Knowing the leadership that Mr. Martel can exercise in his team, it should come as no surprise that he will return to take the lead in this file.

Its leader, Erin O’Toole, who adored Quebec well in the leadership race, wanted to be the first person to support his lieutenant in such action.

Mr. O’Toole has a responsibility to prove that his love for Quebec is not a fleeting love.