May 20, 2022

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Sexual harassment | Again accused and Andrew Cuomo, who was released by his party, refused to resign

Sexual harassment |  Again accused and Andrew Cuomo, who was released by his party, refused to resign

(New York) New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo on Sunday rejected his resignation after facing new allegations of sexual harassment and called on Democratic officials to step down.

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In ten years in office, a man who has been a symbol of the fight against the epidemic has been questioned by three women over the past ten days for sexually abusive gestures or comments.

Saturday, the Washington Post Yet Wall Street Journal Two new testimonials have been published relating to similar behavior on the part of a 63-year-old elected officer. Other former governor staff describe the “toxic” work environment.

“I will not resign over the allegations,” the 60-year-old replied during a telephone press briefing. Hollowly, he challenged the “credibility” of the allegations against him.

On Wednesday, after the first salute to the allegations, a Queen’s native said he would “deeply apologize” to those he hurt, but denied any inappropriate gesture.

New York State Senate Majority Democrat leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​along with her local parliamentary colleagues on Sunday called for Andrew Cuomo to step down.

Immediately, his genius in the lower house, Carl Heistie, said that under these circumstances “the time has come for the governor to seriously question whether he can live up to the expectations of the people of New York.”

Two chambers voted Friday to withdraw the governor’s special powers to manage the epidemic. The text must be verified by Andrew Cuomo himself. In the case of veto, Parliament can replace.

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“I was elected by the people of this state,” the person concerned commented, “not by politicians.”

In addition to allegations of harassment, Andrew Cuomo is suspected of deliberately underestimating the number of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes across the state, which has reached more than 13,000.

A federal investigation is underway to shed light on these allegations.

Andrew Cuomo, a local politician until last year, has earned international star status associated with his pandemic management, which is considered tough and reactive. Some saw him as a presidential candidate, denying he had a national ambition.